Kaleidoscope Farm offers full care retirement boarding, as well asĀ Aberdeen cattle for beef, Idaho pasture pigs for pork, Chickens for eggs and meat, and gardening for fresh veggies and more.

Full Care Retirement


  • Hay fed 4x Daily
  • Grain and supplements fed 4x daily
  • Customized turnout plan
  • Automatic waterers
  • Blanketing
  • Weekly Grooming and as needed for blanketing
  • Hold for scheduled farrier and vet care as needed

Other Services

In addition to equine retirement, we also raise Aberdeen cows, Idaho pasture pigs, and chickens. We provide beef, pork, eggs, and chicken. As of 2023, we’ve also started a garden to provide fresh veggies. If you’re interested in purchasing from Kaleidosope Farm, please contact us.